Are Trio's Worth the Money?

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  1. While walking in Neiman Marcus a number of months ago, the Trio caught my eye dangling on their display. I thought it was a very cute bag but was very surprised by the cost.

    For those that have a it regular size or the large, do you feel that it was worth the money?

    Thank you for your response.
  2. I don't personally own a Trio but I was researching it for a potential future purchase, and what prevented me from giving it serious consideration was the possibility of the Trio's strap ripping from the main bag.

    See thread here:

    I know it won't happen to every single Trio, but I don't want to spend close to or over $1k on a bag and have this potentially happen. At this price point, things like this shouldn't be happening. Also I think because of this possible design flaw, you have to be careful about how much you put in it.

    Just some things to consider since it might not be as strong as some other Celine bags.
  3. Ah, this is such a broad question and is very personal. You ultimately have to be the one to decide if a Trio is worth what Celine is asking. For me personally, yes - they are worth the money. I own several in various colours and use them frequently. That said, if Celine hikes up the price on the Trio, I will probably reconsider. I've heard of several people experiencing quality issues such as straps breaking, etc, so keep that in mind before you buy.
  4. i got one regular and one small, although i think trios r not tat great for money. They r just handy lil bags for days when i want to travel light. For this price point, i expect the lining to b leather or suede.
  5. I think the Trio is a very personal choice. I bought the large a little more than a year ago and I use it all the time. I can actually fit quite a lot into my Trio (i.e. a Penguin novel, my continental size wallet, smartphone and Lipstick). It's a great bag for the days when you need more than just a clutch but don't want to lug a tote around.
  6. I like to hear about these opinions, as the trio is something I've been considering. The price still isn't bad compared with little Chanel or Lanvin bags (my other desires).
  7. I recently got a large trio after a long time lusting over it and pondering the same question, especially given some people's experience with quality issues. In the end, I caved and must say it is totally worth it! Love the unique yet simple design. Working well for me as a new mum, one pouch is used for nappy and wipes :smile:
  8. I think its worth it. I bought mine two years ago, paid full price and think I got more than my money's worth. I used that bag more than any other bag in my collection, and never had any quality issues - no broken straps or rips or holes, etc. i love it so much, I actually just upgraded to the large /oversized Trio! I think its a great bag and so much more room than I ever imagined. I've never been a small bag person - I've tried several over the years and they always end up on the chopping block because they don't work for me - but the Trio was perfect. Held exactly what I needed, was small and lightweight. (and while I never did it, when you're not using it as a bag, you can take it apart and use the pouches inside larger bags!)
  9. Thank you for your thoughts.
  10. I appreciate your impute as a Trio owner.
  11. You hit the nail on the head. Handy is what I am looking for. Not heavy for those days that a larger handbag would be cumbersome.
  12. Very interesting that you can fit those items. Thanks.
  13. Thanks.
  14. Do you know the dimensions of the large/oversized Trio?
    Thanks for your reply and input.
  15. I changed out of my large trio into my Chanel jumbo flap yday because it was forecasted thunderstorm. FYI it fits the same amount of stuff in both bags even though trio looks smaller