Are toile birkins less than regular all leather Birkins

  1. I am sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but generally are toile/leather combo birkins the same price as all leather birkins?

    There is a toile/leather Birkin being offered at a reseller which I think is really cute -- but the price is basically the same as an all leather Birkin. Maybe I don't understand the value of toile, but I would think that a toile/leather Birkin should be less...

    FYI -- this is one that I am fancying. It's a 30 Toile/Courchevel for around $12k....


  2. I am under the impression that toile birkin are less expensive in the H stores because there is less leather material involved.
    I am also under the impression that toile birkin are not costing less in the reseller stores because toile birkin are harder to find.
    (I hope I am correct on this one)..:upsidedown:
  3. Fesdu,

    Thanks for your input! :flowers: I guess it's like prices for Kelly and Birkin. At H boutique, there isn't any material price differences, but altogether a different story at the reseller level..
  4. hmm...this is what I think :idea:

    Although the leather/toile combo Birkin uses less leather as compared to a full-leather Birkin, it takes longer & more effort to make one (as in more stitching - to stitch the toile to the leather, & stitching the leather patches at the corners of the bag). So I guess it eventually evens out in terms of price. I would think that a leather/toile Birkin cost about the same as full-leather Birkin...or maybe slightly more?? :shrugs:

    Maybe the other ladies & experts can help us! :flowers:
  5. That's a good point, supply & demand is definitely a big consideration when resellers decide on the mark-up..
  6. I was told cheaper.
  7. I once saw a toile/leather Kelly 32cm souple at a boutique, and saw an all-leather one in souple a few weeks later. The former costs a couple hundred less than the latter.:flowers:

    Edit to Add: The toile (mistyped it as "toilet" just now) /leather one I saw was togo with toile, maybe that's why it's cheaper
  8. I was talking about toile/leather Birkins with my SA just the other day, and she in fact said that they cost the same as all leather ones....
  9. :yes: that is what i have been told also and wih the barenia combos beeing more expensive then an all togo one
  10. Thanks, ladies for your input. It seems like the toile/leather Birkins are going to be at least the same prices as an all leather.

    I guess if the prices are the same, I would lean towards an all leather one...
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. In Shopmom's perfect world, I'd go for all leather for Fall/Winter AND a toile/leather combo for Spring/Summer! :yes: :wlae:
  13. This is what I was debating with my SA; as you probably remember I want a 35 B. in a gold/caramel color, I asked about a Natural Barenia, and besides the fact that nobody seems to know for sure whether they are making them or not at the moment, she confirmed that it's very heavy, so in alternative she suggested a Barenia/Toile combo...Well, I have to say that I'm very much on the fence about this, because although I've always loved toile/Barenia Birkins, I think it's a shame (also for the same price as all leather) that you can use it only in the summer and not enjoy it all year round....Dunno?!?:shrugs:
  14. You hit the nail on the head! I purchased a 40cm Barenia/Toile Birkin about a year ago and was surprised that the price was a little more than a Togo in the same size.
  15. But Duna, it would not be your only Birkin. :smile: You have a few other lovelies that you could use all winter then have that Special toile combo to herald in the springtime with!
    I just think they are so elegant and quintessestially Hermes. :tender: :tender: