Are Threads Ever Deleted?

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  1. I started a thread in a subforum a month or two ago and searched for it to give an update but couldn't find it at all... I was wondering if threads are ever deleted?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. very rarely. . . what was it about? Maybe I can help?
  3. I posted a thread in the Balenciaga subforum a while back asking for tips on how to save for my Bbags and not get distracted by less expensive bags along the way... I got quite a few really good reponses and a few people said to keep them updated as to my progress so I was going to give a quick update... I searched for all the posts I started and couldn't find it at all... Thanks for the help!
  4. Oh it looks like my thread was merged with a few other people's threads... I've never see that before... No wonder I couldn't find it... I was searching for threads that I initiated... Thanks for the help Swanky Mama!
  5. you're welcome!
  6. its great how threads get merged here because it means that when people use the search function all the info is there! am so glad you mods do that.