Are those two bags still available? Price?

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  1. Anyone can help?
    chanel.jpg chanel1.jpg
  2. The one Rachel Bilson is wearing is from the luxe ligne.Check reference library.
    That particular one is no longer available at the boutique.There're a few on eBay now if u type in 'Chanel bowler'.
    The current season also has this kind of style but it's with resin chain..kinda plastic-like and the leather on the bag is patent.
    BTW ur dog in ur avatar is SUPER CUTE!!
  3. Thank you, gMbt. She is a big girl now (65 lbs) and still good looking.
  4. She's a golden retriever right?AWW SO SO CUTE!!
    Anyways if u r thinking about buying on eBay don't forget to have it authenticated first k?(in the Authenticate thread of course).So u don't end up with a fake one!Trust me there are a lot of fake bowlers on eBay!
  5. the one Mischa is wearing isan't available in black/white anymore, just in beige/beige or black/black. It's a Cambon camera bag.
  6. The cambon camera bag available in Chanel Antwerpen (Belgium). I saw one in beige color about 3 weeks ago. They still have a lot of cambon.