Are those Gladiator sandals still in?

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  1. I don't think it matters if they are 'in' or not. If you like them, and they suit you, wear them. They're also a good make so you can't really go wrong. x
  2. They are still in. you will see some jewled gladiators but also the regular leather ones come spring and summer..What a great deal!
  3. I've been seeing a lot of gladiator sandals in Spring's footwear collection so yeah they're still in. It's always helpful to visit online sites and see what their new offerings are.
  4. definitely still in. just bought a gladiator wedge and excited to wear them this year with EVERYTHING. they look so feminine but edgy at the same time.
  5. Thank you! I will keep them!
  6. Those are cute, and I think youre fine for next season for sure.
  7. what coco13 said, but I think they're still in anyway