Are they the same bag? Thanks thanks

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  1. Hi all, I came accross this bag quite some time ago at the Chanel reference Library under Celeb. and thought that it would be a great casual day bag... and today I found a post at the eBay (am not requesting for authentication), can someone tell me are they the same bag? I figure it's from the outdoor ligne, correct me if I am wrong :p, anybody knows if it's still available in the stores and any idea on the price now? Thanks so much in advance....:smile:

    Borrowed from reference library (thanks Astar):
    Song's Chanel.jpg

    Borrowed from eBay:
  2. Hi ice earl it looks the same to me but I'm afraid I can't see smaller details like the shape of the leather part of the closure in the cele/ty pic!:smile:
  3. ^ thanks Chanelspell, exactly that's my concern, I am hoping that someone could confirm this.... it's a rare bag on this forum... waiting patiently...

  4. I hope it's the same!looks very sophisticated which I like for everyday use!:yes:
  5. Ice earl take a look at Skimmilk's thread"My family/collection..." I'm pretty sure she's got the same bag in grey with exactly the same leather in the closure and tarnished H/W and it is from the outdoor ligne-soorry I can't link pix...yet!:smile:
  6. It looks the same to me, even the detail on the bottom corners looks the same, the only thing I'm not 100% on is size if the bag came in multiple sizes, very cool bag.
  7. This bag is the outdoor ligne classic flap.
  8. Thanks eveybody... Yes, I saw skimmilk's post after I posted...

    And thanks Smooth, it was USD1595 in 2006 according to a post in the Outdoor ligne thread... I have never seen it in the Chanel shops, maybe I should start calling to check again.
  9. Yes, that's correct - $1595 - unfortunately it wasn't on sale but I was sooo happy to get one... I know mine was the last in the dark grey (in Chanel boutiques). It's honestly my favorite bag right now - I can dress it up and dress it down easily, and the color seems grey when I wear cool colors and seems brown when I wear warm... The manager at the Chanel boutique in Tysons Galleria was nice enough to help me track it down.
  10. Hi Skimmilk, thank you, I just posted at your thread asking for the price, congrats again, you really got a good deal for such a fab bag at 1595, consider now the Jumbos are at least 2250.... :drool::drool: ....
  11. There's a brown one I just saw on eBay - but no dustbag and no card and the price isn't that great :-/ ($1500 - and it's used). PM me if you want the link - I don't want to post b/c I'm not even sure it's authentic but it looks good...
  12. Thanks Skimmilk.... no worries, I am aware of the bag on the ebay and I am not bidding.... thanks again dear.
  13. Must throw my opinion into the mix on this bag .. love it! I, too, have the grey one and it's one of my favorites! And $1,595 seemed like a steal when I bought it!