Are they still selling Stingray boy bags?


Oct 30, 2016
IMG_0465.JPG Is Chanel still selling stingray boy bags? I am trying to decide if I should purchase one that is available through a reseller or wait to buy one in Paris this summer. I would rather buy it from Chanel. Looking for the small boy with silver stingray leather. Thanks!
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Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Yes! I'm not sure about silver, but when I was at the Chanel boutique a month ago, there were plenty of stingray. One small pink boy and one small blue boy. Also a gold stingray flap wallet and silver (like yours above) passport holder.

I am also looking into a stingray bag so I have been on the hunt as well. Good luck [emoji1360][emoji256][emoji4]

Btw, the bag is seasonal so I don't know if Paris will have it in the summer. It's always a risk!