Are they really changing the SUHALI hardware to silver???

  1. I heard from another pf member that LV is changing the suhali hardware to silver? Have you heard that too? When is that supposed to happen? Thanks! :shocked:
  2. the new brown color has the silver hardware on it.
  3.'s already started happening with the new Sienna color. They'll slowly start phasing out the gold in place of the silver, but I'm sure there won't be a sudden run on gold, so you'll probably be able to get a piece with the gold hardware if you want. I want to eventually get a black Le Fab and medium ring agenda in the plum, so I hope by the time I do, they still have some with the gold hardware.
  4. go to and take a look at the suhali key and change holder in black. it already has silver hardware on that pic, though it looks photoshopped. well and you can't overlook the new sienna pieces when going there