Are they not making Siennas anymore?

  1. They are not listed on the site???
  2. No More Sienna's. The Cruise Line was the last one and before that the heavy pebbled ones. Only hope for a Sienna is eBay or sometimes one pops up (usually an older version) on some of the online sites.
    If you are looking on eBay, post here first if you don't know how to authenticate one. Most Siennas on eBay are fake.
  3. I think Neimans still has some bourbon one's listed on sale, if you want a brand new one w/out the hassle of worrying that its authentic.
  4. Yeah, both the Neimans and Bergdorf sites have the Bourbon. And since you live in San Diego, I suggest that you buy this bag through Bergdorf's site. No tax for Californians as they don't have a store in our state.
  5. I asked that same question a few days ago when I noticed that there were not any new Sienna's around. I was surprised to hear that they are no longer in production. So, I guess that they will be kinda rare now. Hmm...I wonder if somewhere down the road Kooba will come up with a reissue in some incredible colors. Now, that would be great! We can only hope....
  6. The Cruise Line...Is that the one that was the embossed Floral?
  7. I just got one at the Neiman Marcus Last CAll store for under $300! They still had a few left...
  8. What color did you get and which Last Call did you find them? Inquiring minds would like to know...
  9. NM Last Call in San Diego. I bought two. One to keep and one to sell on Ebay(possibly). They are listed at $375 but they are 20% off, then I got an add'l 5% since I have a NM card. They also had black and khaki Paige, Jessie in black/bourbon/khaki, and some corset looking thing(forgot the name but it started with an A).
  10. I want a Sienna in suede. Do these ever come up? Or what is another great brownish color not black or cream or ivory.
  11. No, the Cruise line is the smooth Black Sienna. These carried a Lavender lining. I have a Black smooth Sienna with a Moss lining not from the Cruise line of 06. The Florals came out before that. They did make a few suede ones way back when but so many I see now are fake. I rarely see a real Suede Sienna.
  12. Hi, everyone.....back from Santa Fe, and, boy, I saw sooooo many women carrying Sienna's out there.....well, I saw about 5 in one day at the Indian Market. That was a first for me because no one here knows what Kooba is anyway. I think Kooba should bring back the Sienna. What a fabulous bag. My floral embossed enjoyed her trip, too!
  13. Sooooo glad you're back!!!!!!! I was thinking about you this week, actually - wondering how you were loving your Sienna.
    What colors did you see? Were they smooth? Pebbled? Black? Brown?
    Do tell! :yahoo:
  14. Glad you're back CR, I hope you had a FAB time. Yes, do tell all... what Siennas made your your Sienna feel right at home in Santa Fe?
  15. I agree about being careful with ebay and Siennas (or Koobas in general) and I'd stick with an authentic retailer.

    Maybe it's just me but I am glad to see the Siennas being no longer available. They've had their time IMO. I love the Marcelles too, but having them available constantly takes away from their being special.