Are they making fake receipts now?

  1. I dont think this bag looks real ( 150043932137) but it even comes with a receipt???!!

    What gives?
  2. Yes, a lot of fakes will come with a receipt
  3. Yes, there are fake receipts nowadays. If you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Is it harder to fake an entire bag or a little piece of paper?
  4. I guess, but that is so crazy. The photos from that auction look so shotty but i still thought, "but it comes with a receipt. it must be legit"
  5. Some people actually sell their receipts, and the fakers buy them. Plus, I heard that on iOffer, you can get a CD-Rom that has templates for printing out all kinds of receipts including eLuxury receipts.
  6. Incredible, isn't it? There is a website that sells receipts, tags, boxes, shopping bags, dust bags, etc. for fakes. I don't know how they get away with it. Right now I have an eBay trading assistant selling one of my bags with the original receipt pictured, and I'm wondering how many people question if it's real or not! I save all the paperwork and tags I can, but if they can be faked, what's the point?
  7. Notice that you can't see which item the receipt is for!
    Also, that bag is really fake -- the leather is plasticky and the riri zipper is fake, just to start with.
    All the replies above are so scary. Forgers are getting more and more skilled by the day.
  8. I have seen them selling fake Hermes receipts on ioffer once.
  9. i know. its not only scary but rude! if you see a designer bag way below price on ebay i assume its a fake- but a fake with a receipt is soo much more tempting- you WANT to believe it has to be real and fantastically priced.

    oh well, i guess its just better to stick with authorized sellers. however, i did hear a story about a friend of a friend who bought a fake stam last year from the nyc bloomies... the SA didn't know much about the bag and must of accepted a fake as a return!!! *gasp* i would die.
  10. They have been making fake receipts. Trust nothing.
  11. PEOPLE know they have fakes out there. THERE ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE TOTAL COPIES PERIOD. The key is to find the person that has the MIRROR IMAGE HANDBAGS..if they are mirror image..then they are EXACT to the real thing, but way less. If you can AFFORD to pay THOUSANDS for the bags ...then just go to the store.:confused1:
  12. edited out rude comments frlom someone that sells fakes.
  13. Are you suggesting people go out and look for AAA fakes? Most people here have budgets and look for authentic bags for a little less than retail, either with a store sale or from a reputable seller on eBay.

    Maybe I'm not understanding the point you're trying to make.

  14. what's there not to understand? if you can't afford the authentic bags, then try a aaa replica. that's what they're saying
  15. I guess I was hoping I was wrong interpreting it that way. Sometimes I don't catch sarcasm. The industry of fakes is wrong on so many levels.