Are they just fall/winter colors?

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  1. Is the espresso and raspberry carrie's strictly a fall/winter bag? I bought the black because I knew I could carry it year round. :smile:
  2. I dont consider any color a fall color - I wear all my bags year round....
  3. Any color can be worn any day you want! I never thought any bag is strictly meant for specific seasons.
  4. I go by weather/occasion rather than season. There are rainy day bags, occasion bags, bags to take to the beach or ballgame, or to work. Time of year matters not much at all.

    That said, if you prefer to save certain bags for summer, fall, etc, that's your choice too! But I doubt anyone else is bothered by it -- if they are they have issues.
  5. If you plan to carry the black year around I see no reason why you can't carry the espresso or raspberry year around. I won't carry a straw bag during fall or winter and a pure white bag if I'm wearing a coat but other than that, there are no rules.
  6. Me too!!
  7. I agree, If I love a bag, I carry it no matter what the season.
  8. There are certain colors I love wear in the fall, dark greens, burnt oranges, browns, burgandys. Fall is my favorite season here in Virginia so probably would bags that would go with those colors.
  9. Perfectly said!

    I plan on getting the raspberry and carrying it whenever I want.
  10. Do what makes you happy! Carrie is so striking, she should be out and about all year long :smile:.
  11. I don't do bags to a season either. If I love it, I carry it!