Are they in the middle of changing the LV website?

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  1. I was on the LV website last night and noticed that not all of the bags were where they belong and this morning I see that the categories have changed and not all the bags are veiwable..just when I was getting used to it being one way..any thoughts? thanks....
  2. well I guess there us akready a thread on this in the shopping section. Please close thread. thanks.
  3. that's what happens when I haven't had coffee yet this morning....hehe
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They have revamped the LV is looking so good...they are separating bags like this: top handles, totes/shoulder bags...and they are adding lots more stuff you just can't see it right now...cause I don't think they are done yet!!!!! It looks so cool!!!
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    It looks like they are bringing back the monogrammouflauge Speedy 35, monogrammouflage denim line and the monogram tisse line. When they get through with this site...I can see my wishlist is going to get longer!!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.