Are they here yet?

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  1. :confused1: I have been waiting and waiting for the new fall nikkis to come out.. can someone please tell me when we are gonna be able to see some pictures of these bags on RM's or online boutique's website?

    Nikki in : Navy Luxe, Deep Red, Forest, Scarlet, Charcoal Patent, Red Patent and ...?
  2. I've been wondering too...alot of other designers already have theirs out.
  3. I can tell you that the navy luxe nikki is supposed to be released on Aug. 31st so my guess is that they are coming soon!!!!
  4. I don't know. RM seems to be behind if you ask me. I pre-ordered a purple lizard mac from LB. The ship date was supposed to be 7/30. They still haven't received this shipment from RM yet. :sad:
  5. Sigh...I am dying for this stuff to come out, even if it's just to :drool: over pics and to make some budgeting choices...not that I like to wish the present away, but when the hell is the end of August gonna get here???!!!!???!!!???

    PS: Knasarae, can't wait to see your MAC...what a great color/texture combo! ;)
  6. #6 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    Navy Luxe: august 31
    Deep Red: aug 31
    Forest: aug 31
    scarlet: november/holiday?
    patent: holiday

    pretty please use the search feature:smile: