Are they going to make a case for Ipod Touch?

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  1. Because that would be greatly appreciated, please and thank you very much.

    I like that they made a case for the latest generation of Ipods, but I haven't seen anything yet for Ipod Touch.

    Any news?
  2. i would like one for i-Phone...>.<
  3. I wondered the same thing... if they do, then I'll definitely buy an iTouch!

    Irain7: LV actually does make cases for the iPhone. :yes:
  4. I HIGHLY doubt it becuase while Louis Vuitton may not be behind the times with tech, they also do their research when making products for technolody and I assume only the things they know have a market niche will be created, the regular ipod is a phenomenom and they knew millions of people would buy the iPhone that is why they have cases from them. The iPod touch on the other hand is wayyyy to new.It is a 1st gengeration version of an upgraded iPod, its widely believed that eventually apple will get rid of the current iPod design altogether (like the current iPod classics and older plastic iPod videos) and replace it with a design similar to the iPod Touch, but until then and solely on the fact that it is so new and not as hyped as the "iPhone" not to mentionthe fact that so few people have it comapred to the regular iPod video and iPhone, I would bet against it, but to be honest there are SOOO many other options (Wapity, mini pochette, pochette cancun etc.). Hope u can find something! :smile:
  5. I hope they do as it will be a while before the iPhone arrives on our shores:s
  6. They have one for iPhone, but it's totally useless to me. It covers the whole phone and you have to take it off to use the phone-- I wish they would make a functional one!
  7. Yeah I thought of that too.

    It was worth wondering though since LV is, after all, a renowned luxury brand. If they are going to keep up with technology, why not make something that would equally compliment their status in the tech market? That is, LV is one of the top names in bags and the iPod Touch is the most expensive and revolutionary mp3 player in the market right now. I know the issue is probably the fact that iPod Touch is so new and it may very well be replaced with a second generation pretty quickly. However, I don't think it would be a bad idea for LV to make special editions. It would satisfy those customers who want the ultimate luxury experience.

    As for the suggested alternatives, I personally don't find them to be an adequate fit for the iTouch. I think they are either to big, bulky or a combination of the two. Anything that would require taking in and out, I find very unpractical.
  8. Yeah I don't want them to make a case like that for iTouch. I was thinking that they would be more creative while thinking practically at the same time. They should put some sort of transparent material on the screen that is attached to the rest of the case. That would be the most effective I think.
  9. What I am wondering though is if the new pod classics fit in the etui widescreen iPod cases?!
  10. ^ It looks like the case is a bit bigger than the iPod itself, but it seems to fit alright when I looked at the measurements.
  11. the 160 GB version of the new iPod classics will probably fit, and to asnwer your earlier suggestion that LV should make a LE for iPod touch, is probably again unlikely becuase demand is probably very short and the time/energy and costs that go into researching an developing a new design (even a simple one) would probably not be worth it to them unless demand was huge and millions of people have it. I have an iPhone and the LV case is useless to me cuz u have to pull it in and out, I bet even if they made an iPod touch case it would be the same which to me is pretty useless.
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  13. hi does anyone know if the fakers have done fakes of the ipod classic case? were these ever sold by LV?:cool: