are they going to have this color

  1. Lately Mary-Kate Olsen has been carrying around a dark red city i dont know what year the bag is or the name of the color. I was wondering if anyone knew that information also if this is not a color from this year are they going to have a similar color in the 2008 collection
  2. oh, i'm totally wondering that as well!! i absolutely adore that color!! she's worn it pretty rough but it just looks peeerfectly smooshy :smile:
  3. oh, here's a picture of mary-kate olsen with the bag by the way
    mary kate marron city nov 29.jpg
  4. Does that bale look square to anyone else, or is it just me???
  5. ^^^ yup, def looks square!!

    looks like this bag can be found at the market for $10 afterall........
  6. woah, good catch hmwe!! Def looks square! I don't get that- how do zillionaires like mary-kate end up with fakes??
  7. ugh..!! all that money and she buys a fake?!?!?! :cursing:

    on a side note... i'll say grenat or bordeaux would be similiar to that colour :yes:
  8. I also thought it looked like a Marron City, but those bales do look kind of square.
  9. i dont know if i am the only one who got zoom for the pic or if that was a universal feature haha but the bales didnt look square if you zoomed in however it wasnt close enough that there wasnt room for error so they very well could be square

    haha that is soooo funny we all liked the same bag
  10. just looked at the marron it looked really brown hers looks more dark red but i could be wrong im pretty new to bbags does anyone have any pics of the color marron and what year did they make that color
  11. That's the awesome 04 marron, the perfect brown with the silkiest leather ever!
  12. So I'm guessing it's NOT hip to be square?!??!
  13. That bag has always confused me. The bag itself looks like an authentic marron but the strap is NOT a Bal strap! It looks like a rolled leather strap and it looks longer than a city strap should look. I'm thinking she attached a fake bag strap to an authentic bag. :confused1:
  14. Look how it looks here...:love: Same bag, different strap?