Are they going to bring back sabrina?

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  1. They are selling Sabrina on the Japanese site.. do u think they will bring back Sabrina>>?????

  2. Yes they are... I do not know how soon but there is a Thread about it coming back..

    The colors are stunning..
  3. I am so happy it's coming back :yahoo: I missed out on them the first time and my outlets never seem to have any when I go in. I have been on the Client Tracker for an espresso forever and I wonder if I will ever get a call.
  4. So looking forward to Sabrina coming back. She is such a classic bag:nuts:
  5. i love the sabrina .. and was never ever lucky enough to find them at the outlets..
    so i bought them at FP...
  6. That would be great! I just received a Ginger Sabrina and I love the style!

  7. I talked to jax about the espresso and they said it is completely sold out. From what they told me it would not go to the outlet. The black and walnut are plentiful though.
  8. i hope so id like to ge another in a new color. i just hope they make them a little better in the regular leather so it doesnt wash out like i have seen.
  9. that makes me soooo happy. I have love that bag. I want a bright patent one, in a red or coral. I wish us all Sabrina luck.
  10. I hope it's true!! Sabrina is the one bag I could buy and buy and never have too many!! I just hope they make the large size in just as many good colors as the smaller size.
  11. I'm looking forward to the Sabrinas coming back!! :yahoo:
  12. Oh I wanted a steel one also but no such luck :sad: I looked at the copper Audrey but it just wasn't the same as the Steel Sabrina and our horse is named Sabrina also
  13. It doesn't seem that the FP stores tend to bring back a style, but a variation (or even clone) of an original popular style sometimes becomes a MFF bag. I think that this could happen with the Sabrina style. Coach could still make so much $$ on that style that I'd be surprised if it didn't re-appear, either in FP or Factory stores.
  14. According to my Sa they said the sabrina will not ever be coming back. Japan get's bags that we don't. I was so sad. This truly is my favorite style bag.

  15. You give me hope for a Walnut Sabrina!

    Do you know if it's the large or small?
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