Are they ever...

  1. going to come out with a damier speedy 35 or 40? I would hate to special order it for a whopping 30% more just for it to come out soon...

    Does anyone have any info?

  2. I thought I heard someone say that LV will most likely make it in a 35.
  3. it seems quite popular for an SO and thats how the smaller damier speedies made it into the permanent collection. i would love a damier 40 but dont want to pay the extra.
  4. The way it works with LV, when you go to place a s.o. with them. Your LV sa contacts the home office to get approval and if LV plans on adding this to their regular lines, then they decline the special order. When I ordered my s.o. Damier Cabas Piano, I was also going to order the damier 25 speedy and LV came back with approving my Piano; however, they declined the speedy 25 because they informed me it was coming out as a regular piece in a year. So if you go to place your order and they approve it, this means LV does NOT have any definite future plans on adding it to the regular line. :tup:
  5. good to know.
  6. not sure but I would love one in 35.
  7. i think there was talk of this happening, lv making a 35. i would love one, but i don't want to pay the extra 20% to SO it. i'd rather wait to see if it becomes a permanent item.
  8. ^^It's 30%, actually :yes:
  9. thanks! i was thinking 30, but i thought that was wrong so i said 20. thanks for the correction!
  10. ^^ I also had it in my first post ;)
  11. I think they would sell a lot of them! They should make it!
  12. I'm not entirely sure about them refusing SO if something is going to come out. I SO'd the Alma in Damier 1/2 a year before it became something regular. I was a bit peeved, but still loved the bag. I've since given it to my mom. Also, it sometimes depends - but a couple of friends have actually SO'd things and the price came out to be only 20% more. It just seems that sometimes Paris can't make up their minds!

    That said, I'd LOVE a Damier Speedy 35!!
  13. hmm well I really wish they would because I love the speedy 35 but would prefer a damier!!!