Are they close?

  1. Someone may have already brought this up, if so sorry to be redundant. I really want a dark grey MAM. I think alot of people do! I found a blue one. The stonewash blue I think its called. Is this similar to dark grey, is it really blue? Is it pretty?

    BTW it is a really good price and brand new!
  2. wow. where did u find that for a good price? i think its like a slate blue/gray color. prob more blue then gray but has a hint of gray. its a beautiful color. but it comes with the gold hardware opposed to the silver hardware that the gray comes with! :smile:
  3. There are pics here of someone's stone blue matinee. It looks like a light gray with blueish undertones instead of outright blue. It's a lot lighter than the dark gray, though.
  4. I have the blue mam. It's grayish, but it would never be confused for gray. It is definately blue - sort of a blue jean blue. I know I've posted this picture tons before, but I feel it's pretty true to the actual color.
  5. Yes, it look in pics more grey w/ blue undertones. It does have gold instead of silver hardware. Is it pretty in the MAM? Do you think I would be happy with it instead of dark grey since they are so hard to come by?
  6. I'm not sure since I've only owned the dark grey MAB, but I the dark grey is a little glossy or glazed & a little stiff. I think the "stone" leathers are matte and buttery soft. But I defer to the RM experts.