Are they Chanel quads really that good?

  1. I bought one but im a bit dissapointed. It doesnt glide on that well or finish that well.

    Maybe im doing it wrong? ive tries it wet, with the applicator and will my own brushes.
  2. I'd like to know also....and which one is better for darker skin
  3. I have "oily" eyelids and most shadows don't glide on as well unless I prime my eyelids. I use MAC Chiaroscuro in the tube before putting on shadow. It is a light beige.
  4. I was disappointed about the color application. I´ve got the "Vanites". The darkest one made my lids blotchy-dusty... an I´ve got dry lids.
  5. try Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath, even cheapo drugstore stuff looks better with Primer, works for both oily and dry lids because it provides an even surface for the shadow an the consistency will make the shadow stick better on so the color gets more intense und will stay on longer
  6. Personally, I love the quads. Chanel has a tutorial on line showing how the eye shadow is supposed to be applied. Maybe watch the demonstration and adjust the way you are applying.
  7. They have [SIZE=-1]no pigment and no staying power IMO.[/SIZE]
  8. I had a look at the tutorials. I can apply it, its just how it goes on and the quality. :s
  9. Thanks for this tip! I had no idea there was a demo video on their website. It's actually really informative and now I see a few things I was doing wrong with my (garden party) quad.

    The quality of the powders is great. I just have to get used to it b/c my general routine is to use the Lorac shadows which are more of a creme to powder texture and I blend with my 4th finger. Switching from that to the powder eyeshadows and very small sponge applicators is going to take more practice so I will save this for weekends and evenings out when I'm not so rushed in the mornings!
  10. I love them...I think they have amazing staying power.
  11. i love Chanel eyeshadows. They last me all day. It helps to use a primer though. My favorite is Awake Circle Solution (tinted eye serum)
  12. They have very pretty colors and I love them. They last the whole day.