are they at the outlets?

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  1. i know the goldfish keychains are, so are these coin purses there too? i want one soooo bad, but don't like the ebay prices

  2. I didn't see one when I went on Saturday.
  3. I havent seen them either.
  4. not yet and havent seen any
  5. ooohh i luv that! too cute!
  6. Ooh, that's fantastic! So unique, yet not too OTT
  7. I picked up the keychain but did not see the coin purse when I was there on Friday....
  8. This coin purse is tdf, maybe i'll see it this weekend when I go away. I'll be seaching hard:woohoo:
  9. I'd love one myself. I didn't see one out on the sales floor when I went to the Gilroy outlet this past Saturday but when one of the employees was leaving I saw one attached to her bag.
  10. I was just at both Vegas outlets and didn't see those, but then again when I was there they didn't have the keychains either!!! :shrugs:
  11. I didn't see that at the Outlet o.o
  12. Those coin purses are very rare, actually; hard to find.
  13. got the keychain at Gilroy but didn't see any of those- too bad to cause i would have bought it!
  14. awww. very rare huh, i may have to do ebay.
  15. Very cute- I am going to Orlando Thursday and I will let you know if they have them