Are they allowed to do this?

  1. Was looking at bags on e-bay and came across this bag obviously vvv inspired by the chloe edith. Do bags like these only class as fakes if they have the chloe logo and hardware etc and try to pass as the real thing? In the same shop there are copies of the Mulberry Roxanne.
    Are they allowed to so blatantly copy these designs? Should these listings be reported to e-bay?
    Opinions please?
    or do you think they are great inspired bags for those who can't afford the big bucks for the real thing? before i got on this site I would have been in danger of buying one of these bags in ignorance that they were copies of a designer bag!!!

    here is the link!
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  3. It a bit grey for me - I always tend to think of fakes as being something that is copied to every detail including brand names. Lush have been getting away with selling inspired bags for years and I have got a couple of Lush bags in my collection. In my opinion, they aren't fakes, they aren't pretending to be something they're not. Whether or not it is ethical to copy another manufacturer's design is another issue. Look at the Dyson vacuum cleaner - unique when it first came on the market, but now everyone 'copies' the design.
  4. Yes it is a bit of a grey area. they haven't put 'chloe' on the chloe inspired bag so strictly it's not a fake chloe. Actually the red 'edith' look alike looks great!!!
  5. Technically they aren't breaking any laws but wow those bags are exactly the same! I think I would be kinda mad if I were Chloe. Since they haven't put the Chloe name on them or even mentioned Chloe I think they are okay to continue.
  6. They also have mulberry roxanne look alikes and I think the kooba sienna!
  7. It's not a fake or counterfeit, it's a "knock off". I think they're two different things. The fakes are copying the original in every detail and are being passed off as the real thing. The "knock off" is the similar design that comes out in chain stores, or wherever it ends up being sold, that doesn't pass itself off as the real thing. That's how I always think of them anyway.

    I do wonder though, how it works when a designers bag is copied by lots of retail outlets. Can they sue? Do they patent their designs, or is that even possible? I mean the same thing happens with designer clothing too. There's even that company..I think it's ABS? That comes out with VERY similar copies of the dresses worn by women at the Oscar's, a couple days later and shows them on all the talk shows and stuff. And they're even saying, "Look at this, it's almost exactly the same design"
  8. I think they can basically copy a design as long as they change a few things about it...something like 20%. It's sort of a subjective thing but it is the designer's choice if they want to sue. I can imagine that in a lot of instances it would be too much trouble for them.
  9. This is true every season, though. That's the whole point of department store or non-designer bags - to LOOK like the ones people have seen in magazines. Everything is a copy of something it seems.

    Even the shoes at Target are blatant copies of brand name shoes (not necessarily designer, though). After red carpet events, copies of the designer gowns are available for sale almost the next day!

    It doesn't bother me much as long as they don't falsely use a designer's name and infringe on copyright laws.
  10. I don't blame those inspired bags so much, they look similar to the designer one but they don't claim to be the designer one. I don't find anything wrong with a women that buys one inspired bag, while I fight counterfeits.
  11. inspired by bags are completely legal :shrugs: from my understanding they are made for those who like a certain style but cannot afford the designer price tag
  12. Exactly.
  13. Many companies do this, and it's not against the law or anything since they're not using the designers' names. Some ppl who purchase these don't even know what it's inspired by especially bags that are in stores like Target. They buy it b/c it's cute, and it's affordable. Not everyone is into designer name brands.
  14. :yes: I bought a bag for my mum several years ago because I thought it was cute, I later found out that it was Kelly style. If I told my mum she has a Kelly handbag, she would look at me like: "when did you start christening bags?"