Are these wristlets in the outlets?

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  1. I saw this on eBay and the seller said that they got it at an outlet, has anyone seen them there?

  2. they are verrrrry hit or miss, not readily available at all of the outlets
  3. I got one at the San Marcos outlet a couple months ago, but it was the only one there.
  4. The one I really like on eBay ends at 3:00am in a couple of days. I guess I could put in a bid before I go to bed that night. :wtf:
  5. Very cute- hope you get it!
  6. I saw one at the San Marcos outlet a few weeks ago as well (wonder if it was the same one - juniormint?)

    Perhaps not though because the one I saw was damaged and pretty dirty.
  7. No, no damage to it at all.
  8. I've been looking for those too..Ohio outlets don't seem to have any.:crybaby:
  9. I didn't see any at the outlet, I would have loved to come across one.
  10. Yes! I just bought one last Saturday at the Orlando Premium Outlet. They had 3 there for $49.99. I should have bought all 3 and sold the other 2 on eBay! Call them and see if they still have them.

  11. Thanks Court, I saw that one, but it didn't have the pink stripe and I didn't like it as much as the other two I saw. :smile:

    What if I found one at an outlet too far to drive to, do they ship? Does the outlet then charge you the boutique price?
  12. Maybe you could find someone in the Orlando area to pick one up for you?
  13. Man, I wish they had them at our outlets. I had to hunt mine down.
  14. i bought one when they were ins stock, but mine didn't have the pink stripe so i didn't like it.

    now i want one though