Are these types of offers for real?

  1. This is probably a very naive question. I receive lots of offers in the mail such as "Complete this survey and get a Free {camera/cellphone/electronic item}, or "Complete this offer and get a Louis Vuitton bag and wallet for free"..just answering the questions on the survey leads you to a part where you have to sign up for membership at places like BMG, Columbia House, Netflix etc.

    Are these offers for real, or is it just a series of scams?
  2. if its going to offer you something for free then why make you sign up for other offers at a me that alone makes it sound fake and I wouldnt do it. save your money and go to the boutique and purchase the bag instead of spending money on their "surveys/offers" to get the "free bag"
  3. I think just about all of these type things are tricks and you don't really get what you think, plus they will manage to get more money from you than you think. I just throw them away.

    Did I miss something--medhavini, did you change your user name? Or is this another queen of atoms?
  4. Hi boxermom, yes it's me. Glad you remembered me!

    (You're the lady who likes the same bags I like!)..I changed my user ID because I didn't want to have the same username as my yahoo ID for privacy reasons.

    I throw mine away too...only sometimes I do think "are these things for real?"
  5. Very time consuming but some of them are real. It's not worth it IMO. I did it once and will never do it again.

  6. That's a good reason to change your name. I'm glad it's you--I always try to read your posts. You are so intelligent and make so much sense when you reply to people. Yes, we do like a lot of the same things!

    OK,back to topic!:back2topic:
  7. When it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is a scam. Don't waste your time!
  8. some of them in the beginning (couple years ago) were real.. they've all died down now and most of them are all just a bunch of scams. i know my friend that did a bunch of them in the beginning.. and he got.. let's see here.. a 32" sony plasma widescreen tv, a 20" viewsonic lcd flatpanel monitor, four 5th generation ipods (before video), three nanos, six shuffles...

    yep.. all real stuff. he took pics of his stuff/himself with it to prove it.. and the receipts that came with it that said "$0.00" on the invoice.

    and i've seen a few girls on the LV LJ communities that got some free LV bags.. complete with an invoice from elux with a similar invoice/receipt as well.
  9. ITA:yes:
  10. I'm sure some are but they sure as heck wouldn't make it easy. It's one of those referral things where you refer people, then they refer people and on and on.
  11. Some are real, some aren't. I know someone who has received 2 LV bags doing those programs, but it took time and money to get the bags. You do have to buy trial products & subscriptions, and your email account will get spammed like crazy even on the legitimate ones.

    I would be very careful before doing any of those offers. You don't want your private information to end up in the wrong hands.
  12. I recently got an offer for a $500 gift certificate to Tim Horton's just for taking a survey. I followed the (online) instructions and when they started asking for my credit card # I scrapped it.

  13. ditto ... definitely a pain and I thought I was going to be out the money for my offers and not get anything for a while.
  14. Hubby did one once where we signed up for Netflix (which we liked and ended up keeping) but he never got the free thing.
  15. Def, scams.