Are these two watches too similar to have both??

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  1. Hmm they do look VERY similar...personally, I would pass on it and save the money until I find something else that I absolutely love.
  2. I am a watchoholic, so I am usually in favor of buying watches, but I think this would be too similar for me to buy both. Although the faces are different, the bands are the same.


  3. ^thank you for posting pics!

    I'm just thinking I'll get more wear out of the new diamond one. Should I get it and sell the first one or stick with mine?
  4. I like the one you have now better. And, yes, they are too similar, i would not buy the 2nd one
  5. ^ maybe try selling the one you have and if you make an amount your happy with buy the other one... i think it's a bit redundant to get two of practically the same watch
  6. If you would still wear the first one then I don't think there is anything wrong with having both. They are very similar but the faces are plenty different. I have several watches that are pretty similar but I love them all and make sure to keep wearing them all. Just make sure if you are going to have both that you will wear them!
  7. I think it is too similar to the watch you already have.
  8. Too similar--branch out and get something different?
  9. I agree.
  10. well if it will make you happy to have both.. but then for me its too similar.
  11. Yes, they're too similar IMO.
  12. I agree, too similar. you're better off waiting till something else catches your eye! :biggrin:
  13. Ok, so you have all convinced me I can't have both.

    Just not sure if I should skip the diamond one or get it and resell the first one.

    So unsure!
  14. Personally, I like the black one. If you want more bling, maybe you could find a watch that really delivers the punch.

    If you are like me, the selling part is such an aggravation. Advertising it, showing it, shipping it, etc is all such a pain.