Are these two the same bag???

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  1. I think the one on the Ferragamo site is from SS 2010. It has a different lining (the treated satin logo lining) and the hardware is brushed antique. The one on the Bloomie's site has the black lining and bright silver hardware.

    The sizes look the same if I did my conversion from metric to English right.

    If you don't care about the harware color, get the cheaper one!
  2. doreenjoy, THANKS SO MUCH! Yes, I think I will go for the cheaper one :yahoo:
  3. I'm glad I could help. :flowers:

    Please post pics when you get it. The Marisa is a very popular and cute style.
  4. I think the leather may be different. Bloomy looks more pebble'd and thicker hand feel, whereas the ferragamo one looks smooth and softer.
  5. Hi. I think the bag is virtually the same but the leather might be different. Bloomingdale's says textured calfskin and the Ferragamo site says smooth nappa leather. That is what I think the difference is. I have a Marissa and it isn't smooth, a bit more textured but it is still so soft.

    Do you have any Bloomingdale's coupons you could use or coupon codes? That might be your deciding factor. Plus, Bloomingdale's has a better return policy I think. The Ferragamo stores have a 7 day I believe. That is only if you get the bag and don't like the leather.

    Just my thoughts though :smile: