Are these two QUILTED BAYS the same??? Why can't we all use the same names?

  1. [​IMG] - Quilted Bay Tote
    13 2/5"H x 12 3/5"W x 7 1/10"D (these are some messed up dimensions)

    [​IMG] ::: home page :::
    Quilted Bay Handbag

    Please help. I am trying not to buy the wrong bag. I am pretty sure that the nm one, above, is the one in moka i have on order. from the picture and the dimensions it is not the same as the medium LVR bag. but who know???? it seems that this kind of information gets bungled all the time and pictures can be deceptive.

  2. The black one is the same as the bay bouler on LVR.

    The other one is the quilted bay bag regular size.
  3. Yes - DG - you are right.

    In frustration, I called Chloe, NY.
    Here are price points and style numbers for the quilted bay line

    NM bag = #7es362-7e427, $1635
    LVR bag = #7es361-7e427, $1780 (ad-bag)
    Large quilted bay = #7es360-7e427, $1970

    The SA who helped me was Andrea. Very nice.

    Hope this will be of use to those who are trying to order
  4. I was going to say, if you are going for the ad bag, check the price. It is going to get more confused, because the bag on NM right now is not what Chloe calls the Tote. They call it the round Bay.
  5. I love Andrea. She is always really helpful and is very nice.
  6. Yea, Andrea is really sweet... sent me the look book for this season :heart:

    OH, i seen the large bay bag non quilted at BG, and it's GIANT!!!!!!
  7. Pretty sure the dimensions listed in LVR for the medium is wrong. I would go with the NM dimensions--they look right. The large is really GINORMOUS!
  8. Just double checked...the one in NM which they call the TOTE is the same as LVR's QUILTED BAY BOWLING. NM doesn't' have the medium or the large quilted online yet.