Are these two bags too similar?

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  1. Are the metallic 07 Dk Silver 227 Reissue and the Grey 08 227 Reissue too similar. Should both be in someones' collection, or should one go?:heart:H
  2. Hello H, both are beautiful bags!! I prefer blingly bags with jeans and T-shirt so I'll keep the dark silver if one has to go. If I do go for metallic bags in future, that's one hot colour I'll
  3. I think the metallic DS is definitely a keeper. The grey is beautiful too but when you put them together I think the DS wins.
  4. Love both but a metallic girl all the way here. :yes:
  5. i love the grey matte!!
  6. I think they are a little bit similar and yet different enough to keep both. Maybe get them in different sizes?
  7. I love the 07 DS reissue and will keep this if i have one. However, will let go the 08 grey one.
  8. That's the exact same problem i had to encounter when i saw the matte grey. I got the DS first and figured that i wont bother getting another bag that's similar to that. But as soon as i saw the matte grey, i started getting really tempted, i like the matte grey more. That's because its more of an everyday bag, easy to maintain, dont need to worry too much about peeling, hardware is easier to take care, dont need to worry too much about scratching your closure.

    Having said that i love my DS too, carried it out last week, lovely bag, shiny but i tend to go back to the matte grey after. Dont know why, maybe because i dont need to baby sit the bag too much. If you like something shiny, DS is the way to go. If everyday low maintainence bag, matte grey

    Good luck!
  9. not at all!
    get both
  10. no, hab, not too similar!!!!!
  11. No way! :nuts: I have both too (well, the '05 grey anni reissue), and as you know, the '07 DS is more bronzey in tone, so they are both very different not only finish wise (metallic v. matte), but also color wise (bronzey silver v. grey)! :smile: Go for it! :heart:
  12. I dont think they are too similar at all. One is totally blingy and the other one is a matte color. If I had to choose one though, I'd choose the DS.
  13. I don't think they are too similar at all either. One is a chic understated matte grey leather, and the other is a more flashy metallic that jazzes up your outfit.
  14. Not too similar.
  15. Hi C!

    I don't think they are too similar at all! I have the 07 DS reissue and I think I want my next bag to be a matte grey reissue! (05). :yes: Of course, I'm also trying to cut back, so what do I know? LOL