Are these true red soles?

  1. Hey all,

    Need some help: are these the En Passant in silver? I can't quite see the sole and it looks higher than the black patent version, but I don't recall seeing/reading that it comes in different heel heights. If they are, in fact, the En Passant in silver....I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE. Where can I find them?
  2. Hi Shoedarling,

    I have enlarged the shoes in your photo. Hope this helps.
  3. ^ I like these so much better in silver! And with the higher heel. Let us know what you find out, shoedarling!
  4. Oh thanks panrixx!!! It looks like they are CL's:nuts: Now....where to find them?:confused1:
  5. I'm searching! I'll keep you all posted
  6. More pics. I'm intrigued also!
    rihanna0220801.jpg rihanna0220803.jpg rihanna0220805.jpg rihanna-brit-awards-2008-05.jpg rihanna-brit-awards-2008-07.jpg
  7. These are cute! They look very high! Are they 110 or 120 mm? Whew! That must give you a workout..:amuse:
  8. I know that the CL boutiques had the en passant in 120mm, they looked hot but extremely narrow!
    Rihanna looks beautiful, I think she is so pretty and I love that she always wears CLs.
  9. OMG they totally look hot!! I wonder if these were a SO
  10. Damn these celebrities....and people with mounds and mounds of money.....yes, I'm hating and I don't care:blah: lol
  11. Thoese are hot. The color is amazing, but they are sooooo high...I don't know how comfy they are.
  12. I hadn't seen those in silver before--WOW!
  13. Yup...I agree!
  14. Great Eye!!!:nuts: They look to be... have you tried the CL boutiques, Horatio or Bev Hills? Or Neiman's? CL is often pruchased by retailers in different 'one off' colors or heel heights. If you find tell!
  15. Those shoes are lovely in silver.
    I tried on the black patent at Nordstrom and they fit great, but the heels were not as high.