Are these too similar?

  1. **Pictures are from eBay, not mine**

    Honestly, would you say these are too similar? Would you buy both?

    I fell in love with the Red Karey Decollete a long time ago but my size never seemed to show up on eBay. I was also in love with these Rolandos, which I bought and are on their way to me. So of course, I now stumble across my size in the Decolletes too.

    BUT...are they too similar to have both? Do you think the colors are too much alike? Even though one has a platform and the shapes are! Opinions? Thoughts? (Enabling?)


  2. Yummmmm! I really like them both. You know they kinda are in the same color family but the styles and the design on the Red Karey is unique and different. They really are able to stand alone because each has such a presence on their own. If I could I would keep both. There will be things that only the Rolando will work for and vice versa. You must love that color anyway. I have no idea if any of this rambling has helped. I think you get my drift, I hope!
  3. Babypie,
    I love both shoes because red is my favorite color, but I have to say that I would only get one of them. They are very similar - if one was a peep, then that would be a different story.

    I am having the same dilema because I bought a Stuart Weitzman dark red patent 4" peep toe pump on sale for $120, and then a couple of days later my SA at NM found the dark red Rolando in my size! I have both, but I feel like I should return the Rolando since it is so similar to the SW.

    I like the Rolando better than the Red Karey, but it all depends on your foot. The Rolandos are 5" and might be harder to walk in than the Red Karey. Are they from eBay and you cannot return?
  4. I say do it if you can.
    The styles look totally different IMO. LOVE the Rolando & the Decollete is one of my favorite. If you dont want to buy the red because you are afraid it might be too similar, buy it in a different color.
    I say if you have been lusting over the Karey, just buy it. If you feel like they look too much alike in a month, sell one on ebay. The Rolando is hot, so it will sell.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts ladies. I'm still fretting over it...:wacko:
  6. I like the Rolando better. Are you looking into acquiring both? If your heart is really set on the red karey Decollette, maybe you can keep that and look for the Rolando in black? That way you have both shoes, but not in the same color family.
  7. Perhaps you should wait for your Rolandos to arrive and then see how you feel. Once you receive the Rolandos, they might make you so happy you'll be okay without the other ones.
  8. Both look good. Not much help here, but I would go for the rolandos. Which pair feels more comfty? Keep the one you'll wear more! Hope that's helpful
  9. Both are lovely!

    Personally I really love the Decolletes. They are my HG and if you can get them then I say go for it!
  10. I really think they are diffrent enough to keep both aren't some of us collecting "nudes" in all styles, lo, seriously I think you should keep both , I love the color of the Rolandos but prefer the dec style...