Are these too similar?

  1. Hi everyone,
    My fiance bought me this bag as an early birthday present a week or so ago:

    I love it and have every intention on keeping it.However,I am looking at this optical signature soho on eBay that I think is just gorgeous, but I dont know if I should get it because it kinda looks like the one my boyfriend just gave me, LoL.

    Do you think they look too much alike, and have you ever purchased bags that are similar looking like that?
  2. They do look alot alike. I would get something in another color.
  3. they wont b too similar at all if u get them in diff colours
  4. bump?
  5. Yea I do think they are too similar. Id go for something in a different color. If you really like the optic look, check out the new chocolate optic its really cute!
  6. i guess this just means you LOVE the pattern so much you want 2 of them lol
  7. They both have the same optic fabric, the first one is Chelsea Optic Hobo with Tabacco Trim, the second one is Soho Metallic Optic Hobo (which I have and love, with matching wallet and wristlet!) My one and only favorite C fabric, great enough to want two! If you want justification for both, consider Chelsea casual, and the metallic leather a little glamorus.;)

    I have 6 Ali's in different colors. If you really like this/these bags and know that you will use them, getting two is practical, because if you have just one you will wear it out!

    . . . and these are discontinued . . .
  8. Personally, I think they are too similar. Maybe check out another color in the optic signature if you like that pattern/fabric. They have a brown/black combo I believe.
  9. I also think they are too similar and for my money I'd want one that looks different
  10. Way too similar to justify the cost (for me anyway).
  11. i think too much alike...but if you like it thats what counts...