Are these too similar?

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What is your opinion on adding the gray boy? (I already have the beige)

  1. Too similar/Better to wait for another version

  2. Different enough/Get the gray too

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  1. IMG_2994.jpg IMG_2995.jpg Dilemma: I own the light beige with champagne hw small boy and also seem to be falling for the 19b gray with silver hardware. While this gray seems very pretty I am convincing myself that they might be too close in style...Perhaps better to wait for a darker gray or chevron boy?

    What do you all think? Please help! Too similar or different enough? Thanks!
  2. Both beautiful but definitely similar. But if it’s in the color palette that you will get a lot of wear out of, then go for it! For example, the hardware on the bags are different right?
  3. I think they are too similar.
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  4. Definitely too similar in my opinion
  5. Too similar. If you are in love with 19B gray, why not get the classic flap or mini in the gray!? That way it’s a totally different style!?
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  6. Errr, I'm guilty of getting similar classic flaps due to color of hardware. Of the two, I like the first one better. Not to say shouldn't get both if you really crave them.
  7. Wait for chevron or darker grey leather. These are too similar.
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  8. Thanks for all the feedback! I think my rational side has prevailed...sometimes it's too easy to get carried away by some of these brands. I do have lamb in this color so that should suffice!