Are these too similar to get both?

  1. Well, in all truth, I only have one of these bags so far, but I am on the hunt for a Lindsey or a Sophia in Aegean when they hit the outlets (hopefully) next week. I already have a Teal Croc Sophia I snagged at the outlet this summer, but still have not snipped the tags. The color struck me as more of a fall/winter so I was saving it. The Aegean looks to be more of a spring/summer color, but I am still so drawn to it! I already have a matching fob and everything. The question is, are they too similar in color or do their different seasons make it work to have both?

    Here's Teal Croc - (borrowed pics!)


    And here's Aegean Sophia -


  2. Two different bags, not the same at all.
  3. Different textures and different colors! Get 'em!
  4. Very different bags! Get both! :graucho:
  5. Different enough to justify having both! :biggrin:
  6. I agree, different in color and texture, get both..
  7. Def in the blue family and one in the green family :smile: hope you are able find the purse at the outlets .
  8. In my eyes,the color is similar.
  9. Differ. Teal is not as bright
  10. I agree with others, they're different enough to get both. :tup:
  11. I think you could wear either of them any time of the year.

    If green is your color, you could use both.

    I have small and medium purses in 3 shades of brown (camel, cognac, mahogany), all necessary for my collection.

    However I would not do 2 greens because it's not my best color and I try not to do multiples.
  12. I have Aegean and its definitely a green with a slight hint of blue, whereas the teal is more a blue. It's a beautiful color and I would say its a year round color.
  13. They are totally different. I have the croc and it is pretty dark, wintry and elegant. The Aegean is more fun and summery, although you could still carry it in the winter.
  14. If I did multiples of the same style, I'd get both. They are different.
  15. ^ ^
    This pretty much is how I feel too. I have both, they serve 2 different moods for me.