Are These Theory Pants for Spring Weather?

  1. Hey there...need some fashion consult. I have a pair of Theory black pants 90% polyester 10% lycra...stiff/thick...sounds strange...but they make that swishing sound. Super confortable and fit beautifully. Bought them last November (06)....are they fit for spring (it's actually going to snow here tomorrow :sad:) ?
  2. i'm not sure about the material blend (i know nothing about that stuff)

    but black pants are in every season, imo :smile:
  3. I think you are fine with these pants/fabric content until at least June and then on cool days as well. I would not wear them in the dead of summer though. I love my many pair of Theory pants...don't they fit great?
  4. LOL..U are talking about the CITY fabric from Theory..I used to work for that company..That is my all time fave fabric..I have 3 suits in diff colors..It doesnt wrinkle...and its YEAR ROUND..ABSOLUTELY!
  5. I was wearing the same swishy Theory pants yesterday. And yep it's snowing here. :smile:

    On another note, what shoes do you wear with it? I'm not sure if we have the same pants, but the stiffness of the material makes it not quite business-formal to wear pumps with them. I've been wearing plain black boots out of pure laziness, but am trying to look at other options so I don't look like a freak with boots on in the middle of spring.