Are these the same handbag?

  1. I really liked the handbag someone posted from the new catalog but some how I thought I had seen it before is the Juliette a metalic version of the thompson Hobo .The Hobo is $600 and the Juliette is $1100 five hundred more!?:wtf:

    thompson hobo.jpg
  2. it's the same bag, but from my understanding, the Juliette is woven, and is metallic.

  3. That's exactly correct. Big price diff, as is anything metallic. I was going to order the medium lily in platinum, but it's $900 and not worth it to me for a bag that the metallic finish will rub off eventually. The Juliette is very beautiful though!

    I have the Thompson in toffee, and it's a very nice bag, but the size is almost too big for me (and I like huge bags). It does not slouch as nicely as the Elisa, so it still looks huge on.
  4. Thanx you guys i thought it was the same. I have never had Metalic leather so it does rub off? I few years ago I had the dusted suede gold tortilia handbag it got so dirty so fast and you cant clean its a nightmare !Is the metalic leather the same way you cant clean it?
  5. you can't clean anything metallic, and due to use, it will always rub off. The metallic bags are NOT for everyday use.

  6. Yes, I confirmed this with my SA. She said that all their past display metallics did rub off from handling. I guess diff. types of leathers are also better or worse too. I have only had a metallic Tylie Malibu, and also the same issue when rubbing against my body. I quit carrying it because the initial small spot got bigger where it was rubbing against my hip. As much as I love metallic, I just can't bring myself to spend a lot on one.:crybaby:
  7. the juliette is HOT! but if they had the woven in leather, i'd be all over that!