Are these the same color?

  1. thanks!
    xtina2.jpg xtina.jpg
  2. I don't think so... bowling looks vouge vif, purse looks rouge theare or grenat?
  3. I agree with luxelife on her assessment. The first pic is rouge VIF from 06 and the second looks like a rouge theater from 05.
  4. crap, of course I like the second. thanks
  5. Me three:yes:
  6. Not at all, rouge vif and rouge 05 maybe??
  7. I agree that the mini-bowling is rouge vif and the purse is rouge theatre. Do you like grenat / oxblood? I believe Bal NY has it in the mini-bowling.
  8. I think the purse is defintely grenat - not sure about the mini bowling.
  9. I don't think they still had it as of yesterday. I thought grenat was more burgundy? I remember Jem's being lighter. I love the richness of that second bag. tia