Are these the same bags?

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    Now that I see the photos side-by-side I see that they are not the same. The black one zips and I like that one better. Does anyone have the tan tote? I just grabbed it on sale- is it a keeper or can I do better? I LOVE the color but think I might like it in a slightly different style like the paddy. Any opinions? Thanks!
  2. Hi imgg! Its a keeper...but of course nothing beats a Paddington. I saw another style of this bag at Net A Porter...square tote with zip as well, in brown. I think its a classic...something you can keep for years to come.

  3. Imgg I have the black one in tan! It is gorgeous and was definately a keeper the minute I saw her!
  4. I think the tan tote is really cute :love: but I still prefer paddys!
  5. I rec'd the Ascot and it's very cute for the price. I :heart: the color! Also, it does zip. ;) I will try to post pics soon.