Are these the "poor girls" Louboutins?

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  1. Mmmm - I just LOVE the look of the Louboutins Gwennisima.

    Steven Npower - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

    Im just wondering, are these the "poor girls" Gwenissima's? Does anyone own them? What can you tell me about them?
  2. No. Poor people cannot afford to spend $142.94 on shoes. Find me some for $14.29 and we'll talk.
  3. They're not exactly cheap but they are a good alternative to CL!
  4. They don't look like Louboutins personally. They are nice shoes. I love Steven by Steve Madden, but I only buy them on sale. I've learned my lesson about paying full price for things that end up on sale.
  5. Alot of times you can find some very similar designs on Zappos to CL. If you walk downtown in the rain, like I do from time to time, it is good to know you aren't ruining a $1000 pair of shoes.
  6. I think even Manolo Blahnik once said good things about Steve Madden's shoes.
  7. That's because they are reasonably priced pumps. I'm AAAAaaalll about the platform pump. I'm short and I don't do stilettos well.
  8. I think their very pretty...I'm not a shoe snob and have bought everything from Payless to Manolo Blahnik...I buy what I like and I would definitely get these...a lot of people out there would think that these are expensive, though :yes:
  9. I like them too :smile:

    I wish they weren't patent, though, but they still look nice.
  10. I love Steve Madden! Definitely not for "poor" girls though =)

  11. True-I wouldn't consider shoes that are almost $150 a pair for poor people! And, I personally LOVE Steve madden shoes-I find them very comfortable and they always fit me well. I hear the Steven by Steve Madden are even better.
  12. i tried those on at Nordstrom and even the sa said she thought they looked liked minnie mous shoes. sigh. i was really excited about them too, until i tried them on.
  13. I agree that those don't look like CL's.