Are these the new zoes?

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  1. I have never seen those styles either
  2. The first three auctions are from a seller who has been brought up many times in the Authenticate This thread, and who we do not recommend buying from. All of his supposed "new" items come with no hangtags and no price tags, and when he's been asked where he gets his merchandise from, he hasn't been able to give a reliable, truthful response.
    The 4th auction seems ok.
  3. I don't know if they are authentic/new styles but I hope so because this bag is amazing, I've never liked the patchwork before:

  4. Yes, like admat pointed out, there are TPFers who have already purchased the first two styles shown in those listings. I am not sure if the ones in the auctions above are fake or not, but there will be real ones released in those colors. :tup: That patchwork is really cool and different.
  5. Thanks guys...i was iffy on the seller. I definitely wont buy. But Im liking the patchwork more & more.
  6. Yes, this is the seller that always has the bags with no hangtags. I have a feeling that the bags are real but I have no idea where they come from and I wouldn't buy from them.
  7. Looks real to me from the leather on the top, though it is hard to tell because I have nothing to compare it to, but I really do like the way they did/are doing patchwork on the Zoe's. I love the swirly look! Looks real enough to me though from the pics...but I wonder why they never have hangtags?
  8. Maybe he works at a store and just cuts the tags off after he steals them? lol

    Those bags should be real. I have seen a couple of them so far, and they look like his pics.
  9. That's what I was thinking. They could be stolen.
  10. Wow. Those really do look real. I think he may be getting those when they "fall" off the back of the truck. Thats just wrong.
  11. This same seller had the Heritage Stripe Black tote before Nordstroms was even carrying it as well. I remember the auction, and the pics on the chair.
  12. I posted about that first bag (the berry/bordeaux Zoe Bleecker Signature) on Friday; I saw the exact bag at Macy's so it is a real bag - I'm surprised it's not at the boutiques yet. He's in Canada, so I'm not sure what he's doing, but those bags are brand spanking new.
  13. I just spoke to my SA and she said these patchworks are available to order now.:tup:

    It makes me crazy that these eBay sellers are able to get them before us. It leads me to believe either they are stealing them or someone is employed by Coach and they are getting a good percentage off. Also, why no tags??