Are These Super Tacky? ~> Silve Faux Croc Platforms

  1. I'm not a big shoe gal, & I don't really follow the shoe trend. The majority of my shoes are simple black pumps, etc. ​

    Anyway, I wanted to brighten up my collection for summer, and I saw these on eBay for like $15.00. I dunno, I'm kinda drawn to them! My boyfriend thinks they look like stripper shoes, but I think they're kinda stylish... LMK what you think ladies, & be honest! If you think they're tacky, then LMK. You definitely know more about shoes than me, & will probably save me the embarrassment! TIA!​

  2. Honestly, I personally dont like these at all. The color or texture reminds me of aluminium foil and there is too much criss cross action happening. :tdown:

    BUT, if you feel so drawn to them, $15 isn't much to get them and see them in real life. You could always try to resell them if you dont like them. :smile:
  3. I personally don't like them. It's too busy looking for me.
  4. I don't like them for several reasons. Biggest being they look like cheap shoes. Are they even leather or are they pleather (plastic leather)? I try to only buy leather shoes no matter what the price.
  5. I personally think those are tacky.
  6. I tend to agree with your BF.
  7. Me 3, BUT we all need a pair of tacky shoes at some stage. Thought in this case I would opt for a pair with either the silver/foil OR the wooden sole, not both.
  8. I think they are extremely tacky.
  9. They're not extremely bad. Buy them, see if you like them IRL, and resell if you don't like them.
  10. in a word.....yes (sorry)
  11. LoL, NP! Thanks SO MUCH for the responses, ladies! REAAAALLY didn't want to go & embarrass myself in public!!! Anyway, I thought they'd look cute with black tights or whatever, but I guess not...

    Thanks again for the comments! I really appreciate them! I guess I'll stick to black (or something not so busy).
  12. If your used to black & want to venture out of the black cant go too drastic. Start off with a brown then work your way up to a brighter color. You went from black to outer space lol At least you seeked help first. :smile:
    Read around these will def. find something eye popping. Trust me!

  13. ooohhh you dont want to be wearing open toe criss crossy sandals with tights. look for closed toe or a VERY small peeptoe to wear with tights. :smile:
  14. yikes, don't do it! and honestly, i can see the metallic pieces just stripping off.
  15. Unfortunately, these are anything but Cutesy Shoes. Dont do it!