Are these sunglasses still available?

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  1. Has anyone seen these sunglasses anywhere? I'm planning to look at these two pretty soon and just want to know if they are still in stores.:smile:



  2. I've recently seen the 5076's.
  3. You should be able to find the 5076 pair at any department store. I just saw them at a Saks.
  4. Yeah you definitely should be able to find the 5076's, I have those in black and have seen the other colors quite recently. I do *think* they might have the 5066's but I'd call around to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom's (not all have Chanel sunglasses though) to see if they have them.
  5. I believe the 5076's are the Mother of Pearl. I just bought them yesterday in black. They're awesome. I'm in Canada, got them at Sunglass Hut - and they had about 5-6 pairs left in black and brown. Based on that, I would imagine they're in plentiful supply in the US, no? They were $470 Cdn.
  6. I'm sure you can find the 5076's, I have the black and tortoise, and solstice, as well as department stores ought to have them! :smile:

  7. Thanks for the replies - i really appreciate it.
    Yeah i was thinking it would be easier to find the 5076. I will call Saks and NM and see who has them around here. I need to get these soon.
  8. wow. funny you ask about the 5076. just saw them at Flordia Mall this morning...$325 was the price mentioned. As for locating the 5066s, I am unsure but be blessed in your search.
  9. The Chanel Boutique in Dallas (Highland Park Village) has the 5066. I just saw them 2 weeks ago when I was there. I like them too, I want a pair!
  10. def the first one...never seen the second.
  11. The 5066 are still available in white, brown, black, transparent(clear) , and pink and are priced at $290.00. The 5076 are $325.00, and are available in pink, plum, dark green, white, black, and brown. I have a really good source.