are these still available in boutique?

  1. i wonder if these spy bags are available in australia,uk or america boutiques.bcuz ive never seen it in here,and never seen anybody carrying it.(cuz if these available in another country,i may ask a friend to buy it):yahoo:
    so these'r pictures!
    how much are these? THANK YOu!:yes:
    turqoise-gold hologram spy.jpg grey tulle beaded.couture.spy.jpg metallic sheeling spy.jpg
  2. i know that the first 2 memebers of the PF have them...

  3. I agree, the third one is TDF :love:
  4. the Fortuny Hologram Spy is still available in stores, i think. you can call Fendi at 800-FENDI-NY and ask. that's how i got mine.
  5. The first one (fortuny) is about US$2500.00 (depending of state tax) and I think there are some out there still for sale. The bag is TO DIE FOR in person.

    Second one is the tulle spy and I think it was a limited edition bag but I am not sure. The cost of tulle SPY is US$4900.00.

    The third one I haven't seen yet. Is it velvet or fur? Is it from the fall collection?
  6. I have not seen them in Singapore, although the SA at Fendi told me that the hologram in green/gold combination was available in the past season. As you know the supply here is very limitted. Mostly, you would have to pay the 1/3 deposit after seeing the style that you like from the catalogue, place your order and eagerly await it's arrival, which can take anytime from 1 wk to 1 month. Some of our tPF lucky ladies owned the first 2. The last one is really TDF!!
  7. Lilvivi, is the spy popular in BKK? Is there Fendi boutique in BKK? How big are the collection over there?
  8. the spy here isnt popular at all.very few ppl use it :sad: and the price of the spy bag that's been used and in mint condition $850 to $ 910 (but no one has the colour i want!)
  9. the 3rd is tdf...
    keep us posted if u find it
  10. The 3rd one is from last season's winter collection if I'm not wrong. I saw it on one of my short trips to Florence. They had the most amazing spies for sale in Fendi there!!! I was literally drooling all the way out of the store!