Are these Soho bags still at the outlets? (Mia and Braided Tote)

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  1. Item # 10078 (pic from Ebay as a reference)


    Item #10049 & #10050 (small or large)

  2. I haven't seen those for maybe 10-12 months at the So. CA outlets.
  3. I have no access to the outlets :sad:
    If you're looking for that second one though, I know there's one on *bay right now, since I was looking for the short version of the same bag earlier! Just run a search for it. :smile:
  4. I was at my local outlet (grove city) yesterday and they had braided handle purses when u first walked in. I honestly didnt pay much attention to the styles.
    It was extremely busy and they were making people wait outside.

    I can look up the phone # if ur interested.
  5. The ones that are at the outlets now are the new Soho styles. The signature bags have braided handles, but not the all leather ones.