Are These Shoes Comfortable for Work/School !?!

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  1. Hi everyone

    I would love to invest in a Christian Louboutin shoe.
    ( the 4 and 1/2 inch heel)

    Do you recommend I wear it to school/ work?
    (Normally I wear sensible, comfortable heels to school)
    or is it too tiresome to work in a 41/2 heels and I should only wear them to parties and special occasions???

  2. Is the photo a picture you found on a website? If yes, please post the site link not the photo.
  3. They're the black satin Very Croise, btw.
  4. Special occasion. After a while, 4.5" becomes very tough on your feet.
  5. ^^ Wow Laureen... your good;)

    I don't think they would be school shoes.:wondering
    I would say they would be great with jeans or going out shoes.
  6. So where would you be purchasing these shoes?
  7. i think satin is a little fancy for everyday.... the very croise in this version seems more nighttime to me.
  8. Also, this style is not flattering on everyone.
  9. ^^^ So true.:shocked: Please try them on before you buy.:flowers:
  10. kaeleigh: thanks hun, I found them on a website
    laureenthemean: thanks hun for showing my picture :heart::heart:, they are very great with jeans and going out.. I agree they are most suited for that :heart:
    meggyg8r: LOL I thaught so ;) just wanted a third persons opinion :biggrin:
    lorihmatthews: I'll go to Paris and Istanbul next month! I hop to find them! As I'll be traveling a long distance :biggrin:.... so surely I'll try them on, if they are not great I hope I find something more flattering.. thanks :heart:
    moshi_moshi: true, very true.. they may seem a bit fancy, thanks hun
    kaeleigh: really :S we'll see ;)

    thanks all for enlighting me.. if you have more comments or know a suitable high heel for schoo let me know... else I'll stick with what I have

    thanks again :smile:
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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I tried on the Very Croises and they fit really weird on my feet; my second toe hung over the edge at the front of the shoe... Not flattering at all! Now, if you want something similar, I suggest you try on the Very Privés (classic peep toe pumps; the ones in kaeleigh's avatar) or the Numéro Privés (sling back peep toe pumps).

    They're quite different, but this is what I wear for college:


    Black patent Wallis 85mm's

    They're not too high and quite comfortable to walk in. And they're pretty cute too! And I think they come in a 100mm version too, not sure. Just a suggestion, though! ;)

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  12. I tried these on recently, and even going a full size up I struggled to fit my toes in. I think they're a tough shoe and not right for everyone.
  13. Thanks Elsie... we're I'll defenitly give that one a go ... it looks so cute

    LoubyLady, thanks for the tip hun ;)
  14. Special occasionsonly IMO :smile: i steer clear from wearing anything about 3" to uni.
  15. i find them EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. but like everyone says, this style is NOT for everyone... your pinky toes could escape from the sides if they are too long. not hot.