Are these scarves from the new season or past season?

  1. I am confused which scarves are from the new season and which from the old. Can I assume that only has the latest? I can't right, because they sell what they have in stock, and some scarves could be from the past seasons. May I right to say that?

    These are 2 pictures of the scarves I am looking for. I don't know their names. Would appreciate it if someone can tell me what their names are.
    Hermes Scarf Item2288s09.jpg Hermes Scarf Item 2345s06.jpg
  2. Thank you very much, S! This helps! I have ordered them, but who knows when they will arrive.
  3. Both these scarves are adorable: I have "Fleurs et Plumes" with the turqoise border, and the other one I want aswell...My favourite (among the ones I've seen so far) for this coming season is Belles de Mexique in the pink colorway (I've seen it on the french H site) but all the colors of this design are particularly vibrant.....
  4. ^^ Ooooo, duna. That sounds lovely. Is that the one with the aerial view of many Mexican dancers? If it is, I did see it hung up on the wall display at the store. I was so close to bringing it home but also too much in awe and shy buying it!!!!:shame:
  5. Yes, MrsS, that's the one: I find it so happy, and I love all the different colors...In fact, I love this scarf in almost all the colorways, here's the link:
  6. ^^ Yeah ... This is the picture I saved on my computer, and I have been looking at it .... :love: I like the pink the most .... :heart:
    Belles de Mexique Scarf.jpg
  7. I find the "Albums de Colportage" extremely meaningful and have seen it in all the colourways except the one I want in the picture.

    You'll laugh if I tell you why this one intrigues me ... I don't know most of the names of the various riding accessories and want to learn using this scarf, and then I can go teach my almost-4 year old son :lol:
  8. Yes, the pink is my favourite aswell, I've already asked my SA to hold one for me when they arrive... altough I like the blue colorway a lot too, I think it would look very nice with jeans and a white shirt or Tshirt....
    The Album de Colportage I've only seen in the colors on the website, but I'm sure it comes in more colorways....
  9. Belles du Mexique
    (Beautiful girls of Mexico)

    At first sight, the Belles Mexique scarf looks simply like a large Mexican rug decorated with rows of multicolored circles. But when we consider the design more carefully, we are struck by its whirlwind effect, the frenetic arm movements of the dancers as they twirl like tops and spread their skirts in broad corollas. In the central square, the girl is surrounded by four male dancers of whom we see only their sombrero and a glimmer of multicolored scarf. The Belles du Mexique scarf is animated, rhythmic, alive with music. It is the joyous evocation of Mexican fiestas with their traditional Mariachi musicians. Playing violins, guitars and brass instruments, they intone many beloved songs which infectiously invite the crowd to join in: “La Bamba”, “La Negra”, “La Cucaracha” … For the Hat Dance, a tradition in the State of Jalisco and its capital, Guadalajara, the male dancers stand in parallel lines, their bodies hardly moving, while their fleet execute rapid, complex steps. We can easily imagine the girl dancers, their backs arched and their chignons tightly knotted, noisily stomping their feet to mark the beat.
    Artist: Virginia Jamin
    Frames: 32
    Date: Spring/Summer 2007

    ETA: should post this in ref. thread
  10. Thanks AirMess!! I LOVE this design....:love: now I know the story aswell...
  11. ^you're welcome, these aren't privilege info., sometimes I'm lucky to get them, other times not ... when you buy, just ask if they have any written description of the scarf.
  12. I have the Belles de Mexique in the blue colorway. I LOVE it, even if someone said it looks like girly parts. :blah:
  13. ^^^ Oh dear! does that mean that the pink one is going to look even more so ???:wtf: LOL!
  14. I love this scarf!!! When I was little I had a poster on my wall that was very similiar. It had a horse with all the parts of the horse named and all of the tack. So I'd love to get this one for sentimental reasons. :shame: