Are these sandals too small? And additional spree item photos :D

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  1. So, I've got a few more pairs to share aka eclectic haul part II.

    The first ones are a pair of fancy pierre hardys. I got a sz 36. The next sz up is a 37 (which are on hold right now). There is a bit of a gap at the back of the 37 on the right foot and the straps are looser. I just don't know if it's better to get a looser and bigger fitting sandal or not. The 36 feels okay. After a few hours of walking (indoors) they are a bit painful on the sides (may be with the 37 too?) and my little toe creeps out a bit. Please let me know what you folks think as I do love these shoes.



    Next up are the Nina Ricci's. I think these will make a great work shoe for the fall. They're a bit tight at the front, but I'm sure they'll stretch with time.

    Next are some Barbara Bui's. I thought they were a bit flashy, but the wooden heel tones down metallics a bit to make the pair more casual. Or maybe that's me justifying why I can wear these sandals anywhere I please :biggrin:

    Lastly, gianvito rossi red pumps. A staple pair of red shoes that are comfy to boot.

    Thanks for the feedback on the eclectic haul part I. I think I'm done shoe shopping for a little while.......:P
  2. No, the Piere Hardys are not too small. They are right on,for sure. But your toe would REALLY sneak out of a bigger size. They look good and super stylish. All are nice but the Hardys and the Barbara Buis are "THE BOMB(S)"!!
  3. they are perfect size for you. congrats on so many pretty shoes!! :heart:
  4. Congratulations on your new shoes! And the Pierre Hardy shoes look to be the perfect size to me; I think a size up would be clearly too large.
  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and good advice.

    I rarely get a pair of shoes that are 'right on' as I'm afraid of my feet swelling. But, whenever I get the half size larger, I dislike having the excess room at the back. That little pinky toe does want to fall out of the strap on the hardy's, but I'll see how I can remedy this (maybe stretch the straps a bit).

    The Bui's are comfortable based on my little walk around the apt. I'm surprised since I've purchased Bui's in the past and they weren't the most comfortable pairs I've had.
  6. They look just perfect! Congrats on the lovely purchases!
  7. perfect fit! Great variety of shoes!