are these same bags??

  1. girls i got this bag in mohagony as a gift and i don't have the receipt.

    but i had already bought the following bag in mohagony from the outlet at an amazing i feel they have the same color and the same style .what do u think i should return the outlet bag and its matching wallet or are they different and both can be kept.
  2. They look awfully similar.. I say return the one you can and get a nice wallet or accessory to match!
  3. I would return the outlet bag, the first one is beautiful!
  4. I'd keep the first one and return the outlet bag. I agree with buying a coordinating accessory instead.
  5. i would return the outlet bag!
  6. As someone else mentioned, I would return the outlet bag and get a wallet to match the your gift-which I should add is absolutely amazing!
  7. I agree!