are these riding boots too plain?

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  1. hello fabulously fashionable ladies :graucho:

    What do you girls think about these riding/flat/whatever boots?? Too plain??? Some honest opinions please! =) What do you think of the color? It comes in black as well.

  2. I love them. Sometimes simple is better. It gives you that timeless look that can carry you for years.
  3. Not at all. They are TDF, I love the color.
  4. for me... yes.. but great..
  5. I love em!
  6. love 'em!
  7. I also love them. I don't think that they are plain at all.
  8. i think the color is great. i would say it's a little plain, but if you don't have any plain boots, then it's a good starter boot.
  9. I LOVE the color but the style to me looks like a female work boot...can you try them on with a pair of jeans? Sometime boots look better when they are on you! :rolleyes: