Are these red ergos?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. is this coming out soon?:drool:
  3. Apparently they are calling this rust, I think. I called seven weeks ago as they were on the Japanese website. 1800- Coach advised me that there were no plans to release that bag in the US at that time. They also said that some bags sold in Asia never make
    it to the US.
  4. wow thats nice.. time to tell my bf who is going to china in jan to pick me up one lol or at least try and find it =)
  5. That bag was featured in O magazine in an article [Is your bag killing you?] and it was one of the recommended ones. The only difference is it had a snap not a turn lock. I went to look for it but couldn't find it. I hope it does come here.
  6. I found this in the drilldown months ago and have called a couple of times about it. I'm glad Liz finally got some informatio on it. I really don't understand why they release certain things there but not here. It's a little frustrating and annoying!