Are these Real Chloe, Fendi

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  1. Ok i have a few pictures from a seller of these bags. One important question do they look authentic. I am new to the high-end purse world so I am still learning. Please Help
    4933446_0.jpg 4933448_0.jpg 4933450_0.jpg IMG_0030copy.jpg IMG_0033copy.jpg
  2. they both look fake to me
  3. the key is way too small in the key/lock picture.
  4. I agree. The key is wrong, and it stands up too well. The bag is pretty slouchy.

    The Fendi looks stiff.
  5. I don't know much about bags but those two look very me....
  6. Fake. Both.
  7. I have to agree with all of you. FAKE both
  8. Thanks a bunch...This is really a great site
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