Are these pumps on sale now? If so, where did you see them?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have been craving for these pumps. I have seen them at bloomies and Saks but they were at regular price (like $775 or something like that). When I went to bloomies yesterday they don't even have them anymore.

    Are these on sale now (I have only seen the all leather ones on sale)? If so, can you tell me where so I can call? I specifically love the sparkling gold accent of these pairs...and these were more expensive than the all leather ones.

  2. I have only seen them in leather and were on sale at Chanel/SCP

  3. Yea I was at SCP chanel and did see the all leather ones on sale. They didn't have my size in the all leather and I am not too in love with the all leather ones anyways....I so want this black with gold sparkling canvas though....